Future Automotive pipeline ‘Toyota Prius prime’

2017_Toyota_Prius_Prime_01.0Looking to create some distance between its garden variety Prius, Toyota debuted an all-new plug-in model called the 2017 Prius Prime. The Prime will have over 600 miles of total range and an electric mpg equivalent rating of at least 120 miles, according to Toyota’s estimates. Regular mpg hasn’t been announced, though the automaker is expecting it to match or beat the normal Prius liftback’s 54 mpg city, 50 mpg highway rating. Total electric and gas range will be over 600 miles. Owners can charge the car in 5.5 hours with a standard plug. A dedicated 240v outlets cuts that time by more than half, according to Toyota. Pure electric range on the Prime is 22 miles. While that’s double the EV range of its predecessor, it lags behind Hyundai’s new Ioniq PHEV, as well the [...]

BMW Group turned 100 in this year, and to celebrate, each of the company’s three brands has unveiled a “Vision Next 100” concept. Rolls-Royce’s concept, the Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100, also known as the 103EX, is perhaps the most exquisite of the three. Unveiled in London, the concept features a virtual assistant named Eleanor and a coach door that allows passengers to stand up and step out of the vehicle. Here’s what people are saying about the Rolls-Royce concept.

“You already knew the 103EX wasn’t going to show up in showrooms any time soon, so whatever hypothetical propulsion system it uses is irrelevant. But it is an astonishing design, something that’s tough to execute in an era when so many of us think we’ve seen everything.”

— Andrew P. Collins, Jalopnik

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